Many years ago, I was visiting a small Colorado ski town with my family. Before leaving town, I picked up a yellow sun faded tee at one of the local ski shops. The design was reminiscent of the 70’s – the word “Colorado” sat above a small mountain range and three light colored horizontal retro lines. That t-shirt, in all its washed-out glory, ended up being the perfect keepsake and conversation starter. Whenever someone asked about the shirt, I would tell them about our trip and how much fun we had, and all the wonderful memories would come flooding back. That peaceful stillness you sometimes feel when high in the snow-covered mountains, that smoky firewood scent that instantly relaxes you, the laughter of my family making fools of themselves on the slopes.

Over time, something strange happened: The shirt started to feel like more than just an item of clothing—it was almost like my entire experience in Colorado was right there with me whenever I wore it. The shirt became so soft I would wear it all day, to bed and then sometimes the next day (you know the kind).

I know you have something like this in your closet too—something old and faded but still special to you because it reminds you of a destination, a happy moment…or maybe just because it reminds you of someone you love. A piece you want to continue wearing year after year because it transports you, comforts you, or makes you smile. And the more tattered and forgiving it becomes over the years, the better.

When I founded no. 1926, I had a clear understanding of how my t-shirts should look, feel, and most importantly, the emotions they should evoke.

They had to be incredibly soft and feel lived-in, but still hold up. They needed to make you feel both confident and comforted, while also allowing you to express your own style. And above all, they had to be patterned, cut, sewn, and printed right here in san diego using high-quality materials.

And just like the family trip I took many years ago, I hope they serve as a reminder of the city itself, the lasting memories you made here, and the people you shared them with.

- Kristin

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