just like you, we value long-lasting purchases and making conscious choices with our hard-earned money. all our tess are proudly crafted from fabric made right here in california. our newest collection of 100% organic cotton tees is not only durable, but its sustainable production process eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and promotes environmental well-being.

staying local

our commitment to traditional craftsmanship and local manufacturing has led us to produce all our tees in small batches in our home base of san diego, ca. this approach allows us to maintain the highest level of quality by overseeing every step of the manufacturing process and championing the community around us. by purchasing one of our tees, you can be confident that you're contributing to the local economy and supporting a brand dedicated to both its craft and community.


unique designs

when it comes to what inspires us, the answer is clear: everything vintage. from a weathered collegiate shirt adorned with a school mascot to the charm of old retro signs, there are no limits to our design inspiration. whatever the source, we love embracing the nostalgia and distinctiveness of the past and incorporating them into our graphics.