san diego history is an important part of who we are. these tees represent a piece of our

city's past, and they honor the old businesses that have built our city to what it is today.
we are proud to honor these businesses with our "San Diego History" collection.
we're not just selling a product. we're celebrating the people, places,
and history that have built our city.

the "palm theatre" tee

the "palm theatre" tee is a tribute to the Imperial Beach, San Diego theatre that was enjoyed by locals in the 1960s. the theatre experience is not just about the movie itself, it's also about the atmosphere and the community. this tee is a way to celebrate the memories of a bygone era, and to connect with others who share a love for the traditional movie theatre experience. it's a reminder that despite the technological advancements in film, the magic of the movie theatre will never fade.

the "toigo's" tee

the “toigo’s pays homage to a once beloved local auto body and paint shop and celebrates the many cars it serviced in the 1950’s. this era was a time of great change. the automobile was evolving fast, and people were looking for new ways to express themselves. tail fins, lots of chrome, elaborate taillights, and even hood ornaments were all the rage.